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What Stand Height Should I Buy?

If you're unsure about what stand height to buy, this page explains all.

The stand height that you should buy, completely depends on your setup and your listening position. ideally, the tweeter wants to be at the same height as your ear when you are in your favourite listening position. 

Take a tape measure and measure roughly the height from the ground to your ear whilst in your listening position. This is measurement A.

Then measure the midpoint of the tweeter from the bottom of the speaker. This is measurement B.

Then take Measurement B from A, This gives you height C. Select the stand height nearest to this dimension.

A - B = C
C = Recommended stand height.

Please not if you are adding an isolation plinth on the Tri-Leg stands, this will increase the total height by 38mm. Parabolic Rubber Buffers decrease the total height by 5mm. Isolation plinths on The Osprey increase the total height by 62mm.