Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Are the speaker stands made from MDF or Veneered Plywood?
A. Our Hifi Furniture is made from solid hardwood, no veneered MDF or Plywood, and then finished with a very durable hard wax finish.

Q. Are you able to make speaker stands at specific heights?
A. Absolutely, we can create any combination of Hifi Furniture, To enquire about custom height stands, please use the contact page. Charges Apply*

Q. My speakers are not rectangular - is this a problem?
A. No, We can design the top plates to perfectly sit any shaped speakers. To enquire about custom shaped stand, please use the contact page. Charges Apply*

Q. Are additional isolation plinths able to be added later?
A. We do offer an isolation plinth upgrade service, for us to be able to add them to your stands you will need to return the top plates to us. Charges Apply*

Q. Are the spikes able to be removed?
A. The spikes can be easily unscrewed from the bottom of the legs.

Q. Are the stands sent fully assembled?
A. No, the stands are sent unassembled in a very well protected box, everything needed to assemble the stands is provided in the box.

Q. How do the speakers stay on the Drunken Snipe?
A. The angle is not so severe that the speakers slide off, non permanent glue dots are also provided.